Look Out, Mergansers Passing Through

Daytime temperatures are starting to rise. Spring is returning to New England. Slowly but surely, the open water works its way back into the cove. As the ice line recedes more and more water fowl start to visit again. This is certainly a great time on the lake as hibernating species come back to life and many birds take flight starting their long migration north. One morning as the fog clears there are several pairs of common mergansers actively playing in the cove.

Limpy the Mallard

Last spring a female mallard decided to turn our deck flower pot, tucked under an overhang, into her nursery. Nesting is a stressful and tiresome louisianahunts.com period for the female mallard, as she lays more than half her body weight in eggs. We counted 11 eggs in her clutch that were incubated for 28 days and then began hatching at 50-55 days. All but two successfully became little fuzzy yellow hatch-lings. Our mother mallard was remarkably patient during the nesting period, leaving only at dusk to…